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Electricity monitor

GDog - electricity monitoring for enterprise or home


GDog is small smart device for your home or enterprise. Simple, fast and without wires.
On your smartphone, pad or computer from any place where Internet is available, you will get information about

bullet Efficient and unefficient electricity consumers
bullet Failures on your electricity system
bullet Working times, iddle times on your factory
bullet Warnings on your email

This and a lot more you will get from GDog

Electricity monitor - it is simple

GDog meatures electricity on your incomming electricity at your home or enterprise. Plug sensors on isolated wires. GDog will measure nature of electricity consumption.
bullet  GDog will send the measurements to cloud using your WiFi and you can access data from everywhere, any device, through service
bullet No extra costs, no software installs, no configuration required, just simple web interface.
bullet GDog can be scheaduled to send e-mail for different events.
bullet Setup is very simple, few steps by wizard.

This and a a lot more you will get from GDog!



  GDog 200GDog 600GDog 900GDog 900 + VIP
Current power consumption: bulletbulletbulletbullet
Historical view (years, months, days): bulletbulletbulletbullet
Budged view: bulletbulletbulletbullet
Maximal number of sensors: 4488
Maximal power per sensor: 3.3kW55kW660kW660kW
3D view: bulletbulletbullet
Peak power fix: bulletbulletbullet
Analysis graph: bulletbulletbullet
Data export: bulletbulletbullet
Working time monitor: bulletbulletbullet
Protected mode: bulletbulletbullet
Connect multiple devices: bulletbulletbullet
E-mail/sms: bulletbulletbullet
Multilevel user access: bullet
VIP service: bullet
Delivery: bullet
  95.00€ without VAT
195.00€ without VAT
295.00€ without VAT
395.00€ without VAT

Packages will be changed/updated. This is actual on 2016-12-04

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